Inside the Desire for Better SleepA frank discussion of a subject too often overlooked and avoided.

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    Thousands of Smaharty users will experience a deep, sound sleep tonight. And you can too! 

Thousands of Smaharty users will experience a deep, sound sleep tonight. And you can too! 

Dreams! Poets have written of their grace, musicians have sung their beauty and distresses. Our ability to sleep and dream should be the most coveted thing in the world. We seek out anything to help us capture the slumber we once enjoyed as children.

The busy lifestyles we lead are often counter-productive in our quest for the perfect slumber – and while we may be aware of this fact, overcoming lack of sleep feels increasingly out of reach.

Many people who admit that they never use a sleep mask to help them sleep, do not know the facts. They don’t realize how much happier and successful they would be if they were entirely free from lack of sleep. There are many who look for the least expensive way to fulfill their desire for better sleep, or that assume they’ll end up spending too much money on complicated solutions.

By nature, humans are pre-programmed to seek out the easiest rewards in life. However, this can become a challenge if our lack of sleep increases memory loss and hinders decision-making. Lack of sleep can make normal day-to-day tasks nearly impossible, as we yearn for the weekend to “catch up” on rest.

I’ve often been asked how much a good night’s sleep is worth. How much should I pay for a good night’s sleep? My answer is simple: If what I purchase succeeds in granting me night after night of sweet slumber, the answer is “it’s priceless”! But what is the cost of doing nothing? A week's worth of cafe latte’s to keep you awake during the week can cost $27.65, or $110.60 a month. A bottle or two of wine to help you to sleep during the week: $30, or $120 a month, or a prescription sleep medication for a week: $100, or $400 for a month.

There is another way! A sleep mask will cost you about the same as a week's worth of coffee, and far less than the other alternatives mentioned above, and this one-time purchase of a quality sleep mask will provide you month after month of deep sound sleep. People who want to be absolutely sure they’re on the right track to ending their lack of sleep have found that they could easily and safely correct their desire for a better night's sleep by simply blocking out all light with a sleep mask.

To meet this need, a dedicated team of engineers, designers and artists created The Smaharty - a light, comfortable, ergonomic sleep mask. With particular people, The Smaharty has become a necessity, and they use it regularly to achieve deep sleep no matter their sleep position. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, The Smaharty is so simple and easy to wear, it’s almost unbelievable.

Are you one of many who are troubled night after night in a quest for better sleep? You don’t have to endure it any longer! You need never yearn for a good night’s sleep again. The Smaharty is an effective, healthy choice, filling a need for thousands of people.

If you are troubled by lack of sufficient sleep in any way, or have had difficulty in finding relief, let us help you solve the problem. We will be glad to help you finally get the deep sleep you desire and deserve.