And Now A Word From Team Smaharty: Why Smaharty, and Why We Do What We Do

Our patented sleep mask is technically superior to other sleep mask in the market.

Our patented sleep mask is technically superior to other sleep mask in the market.

It’s been just under a month since we launched our new online shop, and we wanted to give thanks to all our customers and everyone that has visited our website. It's been a blessing to witness the response and to see what colors people choose.

We wanted to share with you, our blog readers, additional insight into our business model and economic decisions. Over the past month, some individuals have questioned the price of our Smaharty and have stated there are cheaper sleep mask on Amazon, so why pay more for the Smaharty?My answer is simple… I tell them, yes, there may be a variety of cheaper sleep masks on Amazon, but they do not use the same technology and have the same effectiveness as the Smaharty. Also, the Smaharty is made in America by our amazing sewing team, which we value very highly, as is our web design, graphics, and packaging.

All of these factos make a beautiful product that helps get our customers better sleep.We sincerely value the women and men that work for us and are contracted by us. We understand that not all companies offer equal pay to minorities, and we want to set things right by setting an example and paying the highest possible wages we can as a budding company.

We don’t expect the people that bring our product to life to barely get by on minimum wage just so we can sell a cheap product and compete with products on Amazon or other websites.In order for us to the pay the women and men that work for us a higher than living wage, we knew we’d have to charge more for our products. It’s simple math… People can support our company knowing that we support American jobs and pay our workers top dollar so they too can live out their dreams and thrive in the communities they live in, or they can purchase a less expensive sleep mask that may outsource U.S. jobs and be made overseas in hazardous working conditions.

Our mission is to help our customers sleep at night, and their conscience is a major part of their being.Here at The Smaharty our business focus, social and environmental responsibilities, and sustainability are crucial elements for industry leaders and local citizenship stewards within the communities and surrounding areas and regions that we sell our products. We view our company as helping local and national families, as we understand that our company is part of a larger role model for corporate citizenship.

We believe in the power of all things being connected as one. What The Smaharty™ does to improve your life, our employees’ lives, and surrounding environments affects our local and surrounding communities, and ultimately, our planet. The Smaharty™ is also committed to leaving a small carbon footprint in the communities where we work, and on our earth in order to continue to leave our surroundings clean and livable for generations to come.