In Their Own Words: Your Road Map to A Better Night's Sleep

We can’t stress enough how important a good night’s sleep is to our overall health. One of the best ways to get off the road of lack of sleep is by using a sleep mask. We thought we’d let our raving fans speak for us in our new blog post. In their own words…

(Aug 15, 2015) Kyle said:

Love my new Smaharty sleep mask! It is the most comfortable sleep mask I've ever used. Unlike other masks, this one stays in place throughout the night as I turn from one position to another. Perfect! Also bought one for my wife who is enthusiastic about its design. It's obvious a lot of thought went into the creative design and quality of this product and its packaging. And, we were especially pleased to learn the product is made in America. Finally, Smaharty customer service is first-rate. We will not hesitate to recommend this product and the company to our friends.

(Aug 11, 2015) Susan Stratton said:

The Smaharty is soft, comfortable and versatile. I love its simplicity and it is on point for those striving to improve the quality of their sleep. I noticed a difference right away. The packaging is gorgeous, so the fun but sophisticated box makes an elegant and unusual gift that won't break the budget! Share the love with yourself and your friends!

(Aug 14, 2015) Andrew said:

I received a Smaharty as a gift and I've never used a sleep mask before, it's a game changer! The fabric is perfect, it's like I don't even have anything on my face. At one point I thought I lost it and had to try and sleep without it, I never knew how much something as small as the little blue light on my cable box affected my sleep. Thankfully I found it the next day and it’s been lights out ever since!

(Aug 18, 2015) Billie Jon said:

I love my new Smaharty sleep mask. It's more comfortable than any sleep mask I've used, and over the years, I've tried a lot of different styles. In addition to its comfort over my eyes, the Smaharty stays in place over night. So many other masks do not. Also, ladies will love the mask's versatility as a hair band or tie, especially with so many colors available. I selected red since it's my favorite wardrobe accent color. The well-designed and quality manufactured multi-purpose styling of the Smaharty mask makes it a great value. I highly recommend it!

There you have it. Better sleep truly starts with blocking out all ambient light and using a sleep mask is one of the best ways to do so.