Imagine getting a great night’s sleep and waking fully rested. How would that make you feel? The Smaharty has helped thousands of busy people become free from lack of sleep. Many who admit that they never use a sleep mask to help them sleep, don’t realize how much happier and more successful they would be if they could wake up fully rested each morning. If you desire superior slumber, join the better sleep revolution. Give us a week to improve your sleep.

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Over 70 million American’s suffer from lack of sleep. To meet this need, a dedicated team of engineers, designers and artists created The Smaharty - a light, comfortable, ergonomic sleep mask. The Smaharty has become a necessity for many who use it regularly to achieve deep sleep no matter their sleep position. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, The Smaharty is so simple and easy to wear, it’s almost unbelievable.

Are you one of many who are troubled night after night in a quest for better sleep? You don’t have to endure it any longer! You need never yearn for a good night’s sleep again. The Smaharty is an effective, healthy choice, filling a need for thousands of people. If you are troubled by lack of sufficient sleep in any way, or have had difficulty in finding relief, let us help you solve the problem. We will be glad to help you finally get the deep sleep you desire and deserve.